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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Just a quick


Sorry for the tardy posts, it comes down to knitting or posting on the internet and I have been doing A LOT of knitting, weaving and crochet.  I will endeavour to take some photos of everything and show them off.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I have a new love...

I liked weaving on my 50cm Ashford Knitters Loom but I LOVE weaving on the 120cm Rigid Heddle Loom....such a nice size but you do need the stand that it goes on as trying to do this on a table would be a pain.

Turns out that my long poof (foot stool) is just perfect for the loom in height and length..

I had no planning when the loom arrived about a week after I ordered it at the show, except, finish the raw wood with some nice waxy stuff I got from the hardware store and get a warp on it.....

I should have reinforced the edges with a double or triple strand and I should have put a thread to tell me where half way was....Oh well...next time...I had to get some thin strips of wood to help with the tension etc since I didn't have any card wide enough.

Warp = 4ply commercial wool (Yarn Barn Victoria)
Weft = every bit of left overs I had and a couple of balls I haven't done anything with...fibres include

Merino, Rabbit, Alpaca, Seacell, Polland, Silk, Blue Faced Leicester, Camel, Targhee, Polwarth.

In Progress

Right off the loom...

It fits the width of my king size bed nicely so it's the perfect size and more than what I hoped for in outcome.  the colours, albeit very random have worked awesomely, couldn't have planned it better.

I did a traditional twist fringe.  I learnt the twisting from an Irani man I met in NZ a long time ago.

now to the next project....bath mats and maybe a floor mat made from cotton fabric yarn I found for a good price today....

After I redecorate the kids rooms....

Monday, August 15, 2016

Alot has been happening....

I took a bit of a hiatus to redecorate my room then realized that it was a mere 8 weeks till the Australian Sheep and Wool show in which I was running my stall with a new stall partner.

SO, I gave myself 4 weeks in which to pull up the carpet, sand the floors, paint the floors and the rest of the roof and walls of my room then settle into getting ready for the show..

Prep went well and so did the show.  I really only sell some bits to finance my own stash and equipment so doing well was just great.  This year I got a new loom, Ashford Rigid Heddle 120cm, with stand...yay...OK, the good bit, here's the pics...

this is some dying I did before the show......I did not bring much of it home...

                                                                       the first day....

                                                                  It got a bit frosty....

                        The second day...things went pretty good the first day...had to re-gig the stock...


                                                       Waiting for the shed to be opened..

And the spoils....the Ashford Rigid Heddle 120cm..It arrived a very prompt 7 days after it was ordered and I wasted no time sealing the wood with a spot of furniture finishing wax..and warping her up..

See the next post for the first item off the loom.....

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Showing Orangutans Knitting....

We went to the Melbourne Zoo on Good Friday with the kids to meet up with friends.

We got there really early so by the time my friend arrived with her little girls, we'd already walked around most of the zoo.  Well over 10000 steps for those with a gear fit.  My feet were killing me so I sat down in the Orangutan enclosure by the viewing window and thought I'd pull my knitting out of my bag and so a spot of knitting on my socks.  I always have knitting with me.

Here is what happened...  Orangutan Experiences Knitting

What wonderful creatures they are!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Time is certainly flying by, October!!!!!! 

Last post my Mother in Law had just passed away.  We did a fly by trip to NZ with my eldest daughter to attend her memorial.
When we arrived it was like this....
This was the Southern Alps as we were driving toward the pass from Christchurch at about 8am on the 2nd of July.  I was pretty apprehensive about the weather on this trip.  You never know what you'll get in NZ in winter and I was surprised at the lack of snow for July on the Alps.  Our destination was Karamea on the west coast so we had a long drive ahead (about 6hrs).

The Memorial was lovely and held in Nana's garden where a nosey Native Wood Pigeon came to visit in the Kowhai tree.  Geo told a wonderful story of how the Pigeon was the catalyst to them buying that particular home.  I did not know any of this when I got a tattoo of the Wood Pigeon on my forearm.  Co-incidence?

We stopped by the birthplace of the Corriedale sheep too.  Had to add something woolie to the itinerary.

 After the memorial we drove up to Nelson to visit a dear friend.  We hadn't seen each other since I moved to Australia so it was wonderful to catch up with her.  Of course I was knitting the whole time we were traveling and I left my friend a gift of the Rivendell Smoke Ring cowl.

Alas a very brief 6 days later we're heading back to Christchurch to fly home and my fears for the weather came true.  We were lucky though as the pass was still open after being ploughed clear from the dumping it got the night before.
 On the way up the Lewis pass.
At the lookout at the top

 We were back in plenty of time to check out how Christchurch is going after the earth quakes of a couple of years back.  They're still in the grip of recovery and the signs of the shakes are all over the place.

This was our lunch/dinner before going to the airport.  Best gluten free loaded baked potatoe EVER!!!
The trip was an emotional blur but one we'll never forget.

So back to now...........

I have been spinning and knitting as usual and have my latest achievements to share.  I entered two of my lace knits into the Sunbury Agricultural Show.

My big bedspread, the Persian Star
Got first in knitting not scheduled.
And my LOTR Evenstar Shawl with it's 2800 beads around the edging...
It's my own hand spinning and dying from fibre I got from Deb (dudleyspinner) in the mid west USA.
Got first in Handspun Other Item and best in class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also got a second for my handspun socks as well but I don't have a pic.

I've also been doing a fair bit of spinning that I have photographed so I had better take some more pics.
I do have a photo of the singles I was plying of the Bond top I got from Jenny (shiloh wool) at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show.
Well that's it.  Up to date.  I did do some Indigo dying yesterday but alas...didn't take pics..will next time though.

Monday, June 29, 2015

RIP Carrie Snowden

 Nana with her first two granddaughters 1991

My mother in law and inspiration of my craft.  I first met her when I was 17 and we became friends as well as mother/daughter in-law.  She attended the first few of my children's births and most importantly gave me my first wheel and fleece.  She was an incredibly talented artist in many crafts and world renown for her flax weaving and other crafts.  She was also a most excellent gardener.

She will sadly leave a huge hole in our family.

Nana's last trip to visit us a couple of years ago.  It was the first  time she met the youngest kid.
We had a wonderful visit with Nana.

We will always love you!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Went to spinning group today and was blocked.  It's 2.9m wide so very King Size.
Price on this beauty is $2000 and that's a bargain considering how many hours one poor kiwi/australian put into making this beautiful masterpiece which will never be repeated.  No you gain sayers, it will never be repeated since ya'll won't have the exact fibres and colours this shawl used.

Apparently.....I am not allowed to put it on my bed until it's been to the Australian Sheep and Wool Show and been judged...We'll see.....well it is actually put away so it's not going to be second hand for at least 6 months..buyers?????

We usually have upward of 24 people in this room at one time with wheels etc..being after xmas, not all the ladies were present and lucky for me, they like me enough to tolerate my huge blocking item.  I think we did a pretty good job (yes I did have help..what you think I'm stupid? so much expertise in one room....)!!!

I call it my accidental shawl as I was not expecting this size..And the ladies saw it at all stages and no one there thought it was nearly so large either...It's a beauty.......

The blocking mats are about 80cm square per piece..just for reference...